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Range of Sounds is your source for everything audio. From learning how to mix your own music to finding the best pedal our team of producers, audiophiles, and engineers is here to help.

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We have worked with many different styles of music, including rock, funk, metal, hip hop, EDM, and just about everything else. That also means we write about just about every style of music and you can check out the latest from our blog here.

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Types Of Guitar Bridges
8 Types Of Guitar Bridges (With Pictures)

Although sometimes overlooked, the guitar bridge is one of the most important pieces of your guitar. Without the bridge, you wouldn’t really be able to play. The bridge…

Looking For Your Next Pedal?

We love experimenting with pedals to try and find that next unique sound. Whether it’s a bass, violin, guitar or anything else in between there’s always room to add a pedal, right? You can check out all our reviews of effect pedals here.

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Can Guitar Pedals Take Line Level
Can Guitar Pedals Take Line Level? (Explained)

Guitar pedals, while not always essential, are important accessories for guitar players looking for different tones and sounds in their playing. Pedals can help set guitarists apart as…

What About Strings?

Compared to most other parts of an instrument, strings are cheap. That means they’re often overlooked as a result but strings are a big deal so let’s talk about how you figure out which ones will work for your rig…and which ones won’t.

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Ready To Record?

Recording a great track is a lot more than just pushing a button. But you already know that. Let’s talk about some of the more advanced (and not so advanced) recording techniques out there from selecting the right flooring to recording on your phone.

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how to record music with a smart phone
How Can I Record Music On My Phone?

Are you at the point in your musical endeavors that you are ready to start recording? Whether you are working exclusively on covers or original pieces, recording your…

how to make midi guitar sound real
How to Make MIDI Guitar Sound Real

If I may say so myself, I consider myself more qualified than most to write about MIDI. I’m a producer and songwriter, and I work in a lot…

How to Build Homemade DIY Bass Traps Cheaply
How to Build Homemade DIY Bass Traps Cheaply

Being a musician these days is complicated. The most complicated part is that music technology has changed rapidly, and making music is suddenly a very different affair than…

Time To Master Mixing and Mastering

Getting a great recording is the first step but it’s definitely not the only one. You also need to mix and master your track to really bring out the best. From teaching you mixing and mastering techniques to providing the service for you, we cover a lot of ground.

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Who’s Behind Range Of Sounds?

Hi, I’m Ryan!

I’m a freelance audio engineer based in New York and I’m usually working out of moon studios.

I play the guitar, bass, keyboard and consider myself an aspiring drummer. But honestly, I’ve dabbled with just about every instrument you can think of and I’ve been known to drop a mean didgeridoo jam from time to time.

I started Range of Sounds to help aspiring producers and musicians make better music and have fun doing it.

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ryan ruby music producer

Meet Robert Ruby

Robert is a freelance audio engineer, prolific musician, and the lead writer for Range of Sounds.

Robert has had a lifelong obsession with dissecting and understanding music and is a self-taught composer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, singer, and recording engineer.

Robert is an active producer and you can hire him on SoundBetter to mix, master, and perfect your own tracks. You can also listen to his music on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. You can also learn more about Robert Ruby on his personal website.