Mixing and Mastering

how to pan vocals

How to Pan Vocals

Anyone who has ever been in a band knows that, for better or worse, the vocals are the star the music. Of course, there are bona fide rock star guitarists, bassists, and drummers but there’s a reason that John Fogerty has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the rest of Creedence doesn’t.

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eq'ing an 808 drums

How to EQ an 808

It had been coming for a while, but when Kanye West released an album titled 808s and Heartbreaks it was official: The 808 is a legend. This assertion requires a little bit of unpacking- and translation. “808” is shorthand for the Roland TR-808 drum machine, an early electronic instrument. This unit was only manufactured from

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how to mix an upright bass

Upright Bass Mixing Guide

In today’s music scene, bass guitars and synths rule the bass frequencies. Once ubiquitous, upright basses are now relegated to dusty corners of relevance. Classical orchestras and symphonies; traditional jazz bands; rockabilly and psychobilly bands. The double bass is therefore an instrument of passion, tradition, and pride. Of course, these behemoths are no longer common

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choir recording a track before mixing and mastering

How to Mix Choir Vocals

There are many reasons a person might be wondering how to mix choir vocals. Maybe you are working on a mix with background vocals that go beyond simple melody-harmony and verges on Bohemian Rhapsody-style chants or silky Beach Boys-level arrangements. Perhaps you recorded a large choir, a small barbershop quartet, or a capella group, and

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